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Volume 1, Issue 2 Authors

David Abrams, “The Blue Mountains”
     I found this to be a haunting story, very well written.  David is a prolific writer, having reviewed more than 420 books and movies at epinions, and it shows in the quality of this story.  Check out his reviews at .
Daryle Cofield, “Profile Of A Cowboy”
     Daryle’s poem takes a cowboy through most of his life, which I thought was a pretty unique way to look at a cowboy.  Though he has written many stories and poems for his own enjoyment, this is his first sale.  Look to hear more from Mr. Cofield in the future!
David Core, “The Bet In Red Dust”
     David warned me off the bat that the origins of his story was buried in an old joke.  Yet he took the kernal of an idea and developed it so well, I just felt it needed to be told!  Mr. Core is a  freelance writer living in the steel mill town of Toronto, Ohio. After attending the Art Institute of Ohio, he began his writing career working for a small monthly magazine called Simile, and as an editorial artist for the Pitt News, a student paper for the University of Pittsburgh.  He has worked for many years as a family photographer and as a newspaper photographer.  He has written the weekly edition of, and recently was selected to be a contributing writer in the next edition of the Buzz On series.  His goal is to write a series of mystery novels, but I do hope we see a mystery or two from him that has a western flavor to it!  His personal home page is

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