John Wayne Place - A Terrific Fan Site

While exchanging links with similar sites, I was fortunate to run across http://www.jwplace.com, a terrific little fan site about the legendary John Wayne. Full of facts, photos and interesting pieces of information about the actor, it is a great site to visit and spend some time.

There is a message board where you can discuss your favorite movies or scenes, as well as a guestbook where you can leave a signature along with a comment or two.

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Ronald Reagan’s tribute to the Duke is included, which makes for a nice read, and several John Wayne fans have written in with bits of trivia about when movies were made and the character’s that played in them.

There is a section featuring Memorable Moments from the Duke’s movies - favorite quotes and scenes. I think my favorite quote would have to be, ‘Not Hardly.’ Not much of a quote, perhaps, but, well, the way the Duke said it, it was worth a paragraph or two.

Check the site out when you have some time, and give the owner of the board some heartfelt words of encouragement - it is sites like these that keep the interest in classic westerns growing!

Once again, the site is: www.jwplace.com


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