Here are some related links that may be of interest to you.......


Writing.com - A great site, consisting of tons of resources and fun things to do, all about writing.

ed2go.com - I have used ed2go in the past, and have always found the courses to be educational and professionally monitored. Take some writing courses, if you are interested, from the comfort of your own home. They also cover other topics, such as accounting, computers, etc. They work in conjunction with schools/colleges all across the country.

Writer's Digest
Writer's Digest is the #1 magazine for writers looking to improve their skills and get published. Their features and columns offer specific advice on writing and selling fiction and nonfiction books, stories, plays, magazine and newspaper articles, scripts and more. Sign up for a 1 year subscription for only $19.96. Satisfaction Guaranteed!  

The Well Fed Writer - Author Peter Bowerman’s home page, his book is an excellent ‘how to’ book on getting yourself established in the writing industry.

Writing For Money - My favorite writer in the industry, John Clausen, resides here. His book, “Too Lazy To Work, Too Nervous To Steal” is an inspiration to read, just a classic. He is one of the people in this niche that I would truly like to meet. If you have missed that book, somehow, go to our bookshelf and pick up a copy, it is well worth the money.

Additional, non-relevant sites to check out.......

Cheap Pet Store - Whether you are in need of equine supply or some healthy treats for your dog, this store is a legitimate online source for inexpensive quality supplies. They stock products for almost any kind of animal you have.

Shit TV - Yeah, I know, mean sounding site, but really interesting videos.

Jazz Hero - A community forum for jazz enthusiasts.

VirgilEarp.com - Another Elbow Creek property, coming soon!

Author TV - An Elbow Creek property, videos of authors.

Legendary Name - Top tier and brandable domains for sale; Your Legend Begins Here!

Merchant Revenue - Our portal for our niche product ecommerce sites. Check it out.

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