Elbow Creek will focus on the American West, primarily the 1800s. While we may occasionally break from tradition and purchase a story that is based on modern times, that will be an exception.

No sexual content. We are an open readership, from ages ten to ninety. Innuendo is fine, courtship encouraged, but let the reader savor your words rather than your character’s hooters.

Gunplay is fine, I mean c’mon, this is the west, but let’s not focus on horrific, graphic death scenes. If your story is built around a gruesome death, you’re not trying hard enough. Stories should be more than straight out shoot ’em ups. I want the reader to pause after finishing your story and reflect a moment on the ending or on the slant of the story.

Characters should learn from their actions or seek to improve themselves, even if they ‘die trying.’ Throw a moral in there, if you can be subtle about it.

Story length can be anywhere from 1,500 words to 10,000, but keep in mind, we pay by the story, not the word. Current payment is $20 per item, whether it is an article, a story or a poem. Additionally, one story per issue will be designated as the ‘featured’ story, with payment of $50. For independent stories, articles and poetry, we purchase exclusive, 120 day rights, with archive rights up to one full year. After that point, the story will remain archived on our web-site until you request that it be removed. The contract that you acknowledge after acceptance will reflect specific days, so there will be no confusion. This means that you may resell the story/poem/article after it has been posted at our site for 120 days, with the understanding that it will remain posted at our site for a total of 365 days. All that we ask is that you acknowledge, in the next printing, that your item was first published electronically at “Elbow Creek Magazine”

PLEASE NOTE: For rights and payment of our shared world environment, please refer to the document entitled “Elbow Creek Shared World Guidelines”. We welcome all independent submissions of articles, fiction and poetry. However, submissions to the shared world environment are by inquiry only. Because we will need to be careful about character and story development, it will be much more difficult to get published in this section of the magazine.

Include all submissions within the text of your e-mail. No attachments, please!

Use Times New Roman, if possible, 12 pt.

Submissions should be sent to editor@elbowcreek.com

Good luck to you, and thank you for your interest in Elbow Creek Magazine.

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