The Gunfighter

Chris DuFour

I have been here before
I have lived this moment and now
live it again.
Why don't they
pass by
move on
find someone else
to call out?

They laugh
They sneer
Their nervous hearts pumping out of control
Now comes this one
A mere pup, rowdy but just weaned
Jack rabbit scared
I should turn and walk but he will always be in front of me
Next town, next time

Now he pulls on his Colt
I will not die today but
This young rabbit is not so sure
The lesson to learn has not been learned.

There is no way out but
the ghostly grey line
between life and death
Is mine to walk.

Life is this moment and no other

Fear lives not in the heart without hope.
Dread does not visit a desperate soul
Once the mind has turned.

The lesson to learn has not been learned..........


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